About Us

Monaveli is an online retailer that sells fashion, accessories, beauty, jewelry, comfort items and runway apparel. With over 1000 brands at amazing prices, shopping at Monaveli is guaranteed to take your style and fashion to the next level.
We believe style should be accessible to all whatever your budget, as we deliver product inspired from the runway and the hottest trends of the moment.
We are a London based retailer with over 10,000 unique fashion designs. We sell collections for women, men and kids. Our products ranges from minimal to high end luxury designs.
Our team works round the clock to bring you the latest styles introducing over 100+ new designs every week!
We cater to anyone who has an affinity for fashion. Regardless of shape, personal style, or gender, we’re here to fit everyone. 
Looking for something? Use the search button. Can't find it? give us a buzz and we will do the magic.
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