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Which Sunglass Style Suits My Face


Everyone has a different face shape, and there are ways to accentuate our features and bone structure, just by wearing a suitable style of sunglasses. Not sure what suits you? Here are the sunglasses styles which suit your face shape.



A round face is complemented by styles which feature accentuation in the top part of the face. Many people with this face shape are looking to narrow and lengthen the face, so ones which do this often work best. Sunglasses which also have more angles are suitable, as this contrasts the shape of a round face.

  • A rectangular or wayfarer style with brow line emphasis contrasts the round face in this way. Trendy flat top sunglasses are a good example.
  • Cat eye designs make angles up, towards the eyebrows, therefore lengthening the face. For the most part, they have soft edges, but the sharper corners still create a contrast with this face shape.
  • Avoid round styles, as these can often look a little odd, as it mirrors the shape of the face a little too much. Also, you don’t get any benefit of lengthening, which other styles offer.



When it comes to oval face shapes, the main focus is to add some subtle angles in places, as this contrast is very flattering. Also consider style which widen the face, but not too much, as this can balance out the length. Nevertheless, the oval face shape is considered the ‘perfect’ shape, as the features are balanced like the ideal appearance.

  • Oval faces can generally pull off most sunglasses’ styles, so the best option is to try out as many as you can. If you have your eye on a pair, chances are they’ll suit you.
  • Hexagonal glasses, especially those which are slightly wider than the face, add width and dimension to an oval face, creating contrasting angles.
  • Wayfarer frames are known for their signature trapezoid shape. They’re similar to rectangular styles, as they still feature the same angles, but the bottoms are slightly narrower, giving them a softer appearance, which also flatters oval faces.



The square face shape features a strong jawline, and lots of angles. Choosing styles which feature softer curves is always a good option, as they balance your features nicely. Styles with thin, metal rims, or those which are rimless, are daintier on the face, which contrasts the strong jaw and other features of a square face shape.

  • Round, retro styles are both stylish and softer, lacking any corners whatsoever. This really flatters a square face shape as it creates new, contrasting shapes which become the focus point.
  • Oval glasses, especially the thin oval ones which are trendy at the moment, don’t consume much of the face, so they don’t make it seem smaller.
  • Aviator sunglasses also have rounded edges, and their iconic shape can also make the face seem longer, which is good for a square face.



An oblong face also has many angles, and sunglasses which complement these are those with softer, subtler curves. Another thing to think about with an oblong face is widening it, as it can appear longer than another, such as a square shaped face.

  • Frames which are longer than they are wide can make your face appear wider which is something those who have an oblong face tend to look out for as this can make the features appear more balanced.
  • Cat eye frames are suitable for oblong faces as well a square shape faces, for the same reason: they lift the focus of the eye and feature softer curves.
  • Round frame styles (including those with thin metal rims) are completely opposite to the oblong face shape, as they have soft edges, are daintier, and don’t mirror the strength of an oblong face.



Rarest of all, the triangle face shape looks best with sunglasses which bring the focus up. For this reason, anything which puts more emphasis on the top part of the face. Some sharper edges can also balance out the differences between the jawline and the forehead on a triangle face shape.

  • Cat eye styles are also great for triangle face shapes. They make the forehead wider by adding angles to the top half of the face which complement and mirror the jaw.
  • Flat brow and half rim styles both put emphasis on the top part of the face, making it seem wider, which balances it out with the jaw.
  • Upside-down triangle sunglasses’ frames are a new, unique style, but they are the exact opposite of a triangle face shape and can give the forehead the width which those with a triangle face shape look out for.



The heart face shape tends to feature a larger forehead, so glasses which either cover this slightly or take the focus to the enviable jawline are the best. The heart face shape also benefits from styles which can make it seem wider, much like the oval face shape.

  • Wayfarer sunglasses are great for heart face shapes as they add some width to the face. This can balance out the forehead and the slightly narrower bottom half of the lens mimics the bottom half of a heart shaped face.
  • Big, slightly oversized, rectangular styles are another sunglass’ style which add some width to the face. The oversized part of them also covers the eyebrows and makes the forehead seem smaller.
  • Hexagonal sunglasses are very unique, but they suit heart shaped faces really well. This is thanks to the smaller, more delicate angles of the heart face shape which are mirrored in the hexagon, but also the contrast in shape as the hexagon is rounder.


Inverted Triangle

Opposite to the triangle face shape, those with an inverted triangle face are looking for glasses which will make the bottom half of the face appear wider, or the top appear narrower. The inverted triangle face shape has a similar structure to the heart, but generally don’t have the same jawline.

  • Rectangular or wayfarer glasses, much like heart face shapes, suit an inverted triangle face. As mentioned, they add width to the face which is something those with inverted triangle shaped faces often look out for.
  • Wrap sunglasses are those which are thinner, rectangular sunglasses which curve around your face, giving peripheral view. They suit inverted triangle faces as they are slick and don’t take up much room on the face.
  • Thin rimmed frames, such as metal ones, are good for inverted triangle face shapes as they aren’t too intrusive on the face. They are also daintier, just like the shape of this face.



Diamond face shapes are full of angles and are often longer, often with defined jawbones and cheekbones. For this reason, you want to find sunglasses which are wider, or have some softer corners, to balance your features, as well as lighter styles as they take up less of the face and don’t take the focus away from the stunning features of a diamond face.

  • Half rim or any top-heavy styles are suitable, as they aren’t completely rimless, but still put some emphasis on the upper portion of the face.
  • Aviator sunglasses contrast with the sharp features of a diamond face, therefore giving a nice balance.
  • Rectangular styles are very flattering, especially those with softer angles and corners, as these balance out the other angles and features of a diamond face shape.


If you are wondering whether a style suits you, the general rule is to find shapes which contrast to your bone structure. For example, someone with lots of angles in their face shape would look for sunglasses which have softer curves. Here are some links and images of examples of sunglasses’ frames and styles.

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